storage for the forgotten

The project explored the invisible space where all of our forgotten memories and dreams go.

It consists of a long hall created by hanging bed sheets where walls of stacked doors are projected onto the fabric. On the floor are over 200 palm sized abstract rabbits made of plaster that are scattered down the hall. The viewer must walk around them to pass through.


Dream record

**Written first thing each day... presented as it was originally recorded

turning into fish

hate water

have to eat beads

put them in orange juice

someone is trying to kill us 

driving old car through mountains

get to house

they found out we're running away

they're trying to kill us

jump out window

run away


seal in bar?


concert. Music festival? Matches

hella bright

soccer field with doors on walls 

Took the trainn. I got off. She kept going. 


car? bus. road in the woods. 







Mom divorce


Polar bear chasing swallowing whole man with cape whole 

town middle of ice

me running through under ground concrete halls

giant ants chasing me with bread

trying to save someone

man is trying to chase me

top of mountain


I shoot him 

go down to the bushes and tell him I love him

but he is an evil man

Iteration without  hall of doors  projection.

Iteration without hall of doors projection.



School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a final project

Austin Texas, June 2018